Fish Cutlets – Cod Fish Cutlets, Saithe Cutlets, and more

Our Northern Fish cutlets are packed in trays. They’re a very good product for organized shop floors. The fish cutlets can be of several species, we offer cod fish cutlets, ling cutlets, saithe cutlets, tusk cutlets and haddock cutlets.

Northern Fish cutlets are easy and tasty!

Our fish cutlets are a premium product, made from excellent quality dried salt fish. Due to the vast range of sizes we offer, from 225g to 500g, production is made to order. Our standard sizes are 300g and 500g trays.

The cutlet product range is made to order. Packing and compostition is made to your requirements. However some standards apply, being:

  • Codfish Cutlets 300g (2 piece) and 500g (3 piece)
  • Codfish Jumbo Cutlets (Loins) 500g 2 pieces per tray
  • Saithe Cutlets 300g (2 pieces) and 500g (3 peices), also available a 300g Eco pack with 3 pieces forFish Cutlets super savings
  • Ling Cutlets 300g (2 peices) and 500g (3 pieces)
  • Tusk Cutlets 300g (2 peices per tray) and 500g (3 pieces per tray)
  • Haddock Cutlets 300g (2 peices per tray) and 500g (3 peices per tray)


The whole salt fish may be difficult to manage in many ethnic and exotic supermarkets. Cutting the whole Fish down to cutlets may be a time consuming effort, therefore our cutlet assortment improves our product range and makes our pre-cut products easy to use.

Saithe Eco Pack : 300g cutlet tray for super savings

Soaking instructions are on the label, so no one forgets the essentials. Our cutlets are well dried and salted, therefore make sure soaking is made accordingly.

In the UK it is often we see fish cutlets packed in trays, however we may also find cutlets packed in bags or in shrink plastic wrap. We can offer all options to our clients.

Our OEM product conception is easy, customers requiring own brand or specific details, we have many options available. Please contact us with additional details.

Our Northern Fish brand is based as all our product on the finest quality. Made from wild caught fresh Norwegian fish, our salt fish cutlets insure premium quality. For further information you may visist our ethnic and exotic product selection we have for you on our website or contact us directly.

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