About NFi

About Northern Fish – Codfish and more!

Northern Fish is more than just another Portuguese codfish company.  The saltfish specialists at Northern Fish make delicious traditional tasting products for ethnic markets.

Despite the medium size, Northern Fish is well supported by its own Norwegian salt fish production facilities. In Portugal operating a warehousing unit and a packing facility

Size and market strategy, have made us a very flexible and dynamic company. To satisfy clients needs and requirements is our utmost goal. Tailor-made salt fish solutions, based on a wide experience and knowledge of local traditions and cultures. We adequately offer specific salt fish products to several markets. We are not just a codfish company, we are much more!

Northern Fish product range is based on salted Norwegian white fish. Salting is made from the finest fresh fish available. The flagship product is codfish, but in addition haddock, tusk, saithe and ling are also available. In northern Norway, our processing plants acquire fish directly from coastal fishing vessels.

Sourcing, splitting and salting is made all year round at our Norwegian facilities. Wet salted whitefish is mainly produced in Norway. In Portugal we dry, sort and pack our products.

Northern Fish is more than just a common importer. Its tailor-made products require flexibility in drying and packing, which is handled with persoCodfish by Northern Fishnalized attention. Product range includes codfish, colin, haddock, tusk and ling, as mentioned. The product range also includes a variety of other processed salted fish products like migas, loins and cutlets. Packaging can also be personalize to your requirements.

Northern Fish the salt fish specialist

Close to the best fishing areas, we strategically located our processing plants. Therefore the cold icy waters of northern Norway insure great quality to our codfish and to all our other salted fish. Due to our favorable location, we are able to offer very white flesh fish.

MSC CodfishOur organization is certified for sustainable seafood, our factory T-82 in northern Norway Skjervøy Fisk og Skalldyr AS, as of February 2015 holds valid MSC certificate for codfish, colin, tusk, haddock and a few other species. We support sustainable fishing.

From the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the carton all products are controlled. Therefore making specific products that require know-how and flexibility is something we do on a regular basis.

The control and surveillance of  the production cycle, insures that batch after batch, quality standards are stable.

Northern Fish adds value to your business

Our goals. Sourcing the best wild fresh Norwegian whitefish, to produce a unique and traditional tasting salt fish. It’s 100% natural, just fresh quality fish and salt.

Northern Fish products are recognized by consumers and customers as a high quality salt fish. We are extremely happy and grateful to the loyalty of our growing customer network.