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Northern Fish Bacalhau

We are proud to announce our new image/logo for our Northern Fish products. Being our Northern Fish Bacalhau our major product, Northern Fish is much more than Bacalhau, we specialize in saltfish from Norway, we have a wide range of salted fish products to offer. Our main salted fish products are: Bacalhau, a unique salted […]

Northern Fish Bacalhau

Desalted codfish factory

Desalted codfish factory

How does a desalted codfish factory work? Many of our website visitors are asking this question! Industrial desalting of codfish is in fact very similar to what we do at home. Desalted codfish factory is the next level in the codfish business, a 2.0 version of the original dry salted codfish. When we buy a dry salted […]

MSC Codfish | Haddock | Saithe and more 1

We are proud to announce that we have as of February MSC codfish, haddock, saithe, tusk and other species to offer. Our Norwegian factory T-82 Skjervøy Fisk og Skalldyr AS, is a MSC certified organization as of February 2015. We can now offer directly from our production unit in Northern Norway, MSC codfish, haddock and […]

MSC Codfish

soaking salt cod

Soaking salt cod or soaking salt fish is based on the same principals. Get it done the correct way.

Soaking salt cod is an essential part of making an excellent meal with salt cod. A correct soaking of the salt cod is not difficult. In this post we will give you step by step information and help to make sure you correctly desalt your salt cod. After soaking salt cod, if you bought a nice dry salt […]

Baccala Fish and Italian tradition! 4

Baccala fish a tasty and delicious Italian tradition! Baccala Fish is a traditional Italian salted cod fish. A baccala is similar to the Portuguese Bacalhau and the Spanish bacalao. It is a butterfly split gadus morhua well salted and dried, very white looking, sold in small sizes 16/20 or smaller. The ideal size for baccala is […]

baccala fish

Cod or Haddock

Choosing Cod or Haddock might not be that difficult after all! Any which one, we believe you will choose wisely. Cod or Haddock may just be the same, the white flesh colour and the low fat content make them very similar, although from the same Gadidae family, cod and haddock are two different species. When […]

Cod or haddock choose