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Ambassade fish | Dry Salted Haddock

This weeks focus is on our dried salted ambassade fish, a dry salted haddock, usually small size, split with back bone in. Melanogrammus aeglefinus is the scientific name for this whitefish, which has a mild light taste very similar to codfish. In some African countries this fish is commonly called ambassade. A premium saltfish for the […]

Ambassade fish

Makayabu (Colin

Makayabu Ethnic and Exotic Seafood 2

Our featured product this week is Makayabu! Makayabu is an African word for dried and salted saithe. The scientific name for this fish is Pollachius virens. We salted and dried saithe in two ways. We butterfly split and the we split with the back bone in. The saithe which is split with the back bone in is […]