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Choosing Cod or Haddock might not be that difficult after all! Any which one, we believe you will choose wisely.

Cod or Haddock may just be the same, the white flesh colour and the low fat content make them very similar, although from the same Gadidae family, cod and haddock are two different species.

When choosing cod or haddock, take into account some details regarding the fish itself. Cod tends to be bigger in size, it belongs to the gadus family, being the most delicious cod the gadus morhua which is fished in the North Atlantic Ocean. The haddock a smaller fish, from the same family of the cod, it’s also a white fish, melanogrammus aeglefinus is it scientific name.Cod or Haddock

Cod or haddock are very similar in fact the white flesh, mild flavor and both can be found at the local fish and chips. Both can be salted, dried, smoked or sold fresh. In England, Cod and haddock are very popular. However in other countries like Portugal Cod is more popular than haddock, as for most of the Southern European countries.

When salting cod or haddock, both as easy to salt, however sometimes haddock tends to be more difficult in the salting procedure. When looking at both as saltfish, cod is much better to salt than haddock.

Regarding fishing the cod quota is much larger than the haddock quota, which means the consumption is also much bigger. And the cod is more multicultural in consumption; it is widely spread all over the world. Haddock, has a much smaller fishing quota and therefore can’t currently be a substitute for cod. However, due to the small quota and increasing prices of haddock, cod has gradually become and alternative to haddock.

Physically the fish are also different, besides the mentioned size, the tail is different, the haddock has a V shaped tail and also in terms of skin you can tell the difference. Looking at the flesh alone it is very difficult to tell them apart.

Cod or haddock, I suggest you try both and choose which one you enjoy most. I personally choose both!

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