Deep Frozen Codfish

Traditional Deep Frozen Desalted Codfish

NFi gives you a truly remarkable product, you can quickly make your favourite codfish dishes without any hassel. Our deep frozen codfish, traditionally desalted, brings the traditional taste and texture into your cuisine.
Through our experience, our deep frozen codfish, has a unique flavour, much similar to the traditionally desalted codfish. Our technological advanced processing unit has mastered the unique way to produce an incredible desalted deep frozen codfish.

Product Details:

Our Deep frozen desalted codfish has a maximum glaze of 5%, however higher glaze can be added according to your requirements.
Available packaging for deep frozen codfish:
– Individual with plastic wrap;
– In vaccum pack;
– Bulk in a carton without any individual packaging;

Packaging and labelling for our desalted deep frozen codfish can be made to clients requirements, or even personalized. However personalized labelling and packaging may require minum quantity orders.
Our minimum order is 1 pallet of deep frozen codfish, approximately 500 kg, mix product selection is available.

Some production information:

Our deep frozen desalted codfish is industrially desalted. However, our industrial plants operated similar to home desalting, however in a larger scale.
So we start off by cutting the dry salted codfish into several pieces, loins, etc … then these peices are grouped by thickness and type.
The desalting is made in big industrial stainless steel bins, where the water temperature is maintained below 2ºC, and the water is mechanically changed ever so often.
After desalting the soaked codfish is then left to drip in special baskets. After, our soaked codfish undergoes a super quick indutrial freezing process that guaranteed that the product maintains quality and texture.
The final stage for our deep frozen desalted codfish is a quick glaze to avoid dryness of the surface, followed by the final packaging.
To make a great deep frozen codfish it’s important to have excellent raw material and a optimal technological soaking and freezing facility.