Ethnic seafood

Ethnic seafood is a very vast range of items and includes many species and several types of products. From frozen to salted and dried seafood you may find many products in this range. This post will centre it’s attention on dried and salted ethnic seafood, namely of Norwegian origin.

In many cultures salted and dried seafood is an important part of local tradition. In Portugal dry salted codfish is a national dish, used as a major ingrediente in much of it’s cuisine. Locally it is called bacalhau, around the world this word is used in many places. And it always describes a salted and dried fish.

Salted Cod

Salted Cod

Ethnic seafood is a worldwide trend

Portugal is a small country with just over 10 million inhabitants, however they are the largest consumer of codfish per capita and by country. Followed close by Brazil, who have adopted much of the Portuguese culture with dried salted codfish at the top of the list.

Historically dry salted codfish goes back centuries, when the Portuguese sailed the globe. Bacalhau was one of the main food items carried in the vessels to feed the crew. Due to it’s easy preservation and great protein value.

This is how slowly during centuries ethnic seafood has been growing it’s roots. Nowadays we have for example, stockfish, which is a special dried fish from Norway. It is an important ingredient in Nigerian cuisine.

You may find ethnic seafood in many regions: Africa, Caribbean, South America, Southern Europe and more.

The dried and salted fish is produced mainly from whitefish due to it’s low fat content. Worldwide dried and salted fish is consumed in many countries. From the Caribbean, through Africa to Southern Europe, it has become an ethnic seafood in many regions. The expat communities worldwide are now seeking these traditional items. It’s a growing trend in the ethnic seafood business, dried and salted fish has become a major item. You may find dried and salted fish in many ethnic grocery stores all over the world.Saltfish Saithe

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