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Demand for ethnic and exotic food is growing, specialized supermarket business is booming. The growing European  African and Caribbean communities crave for the taste of home. Saltfish  has a cultural connection to several International communities from Africa to the Caribbeans, as well as many European countries. Since 2014, Northern Fish, has selected a growing number of products that fit into the exotic food range. Salted fish in general is connected to many cultural roots, ancient traditional production methods are still used today.

Exotic Food: Makayabu and African delight

Dry Salted Saithe

Dry Salted Saithe

Makayabu (saithe), a salted and dried pollachius virens is one of our main products. Shipped directly from Portugal, the same traditional saltfish products usually shipped from Norway to Africa, packed in 9 kg, 4 kg or even 3,5 kg cartons. Makayabu is a back bone in split saithe, with a dark colour and a unique tasty flavour, it’s a traditional dish many countries in Africa, like Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola and the Republic of Congo.
Ambassade (haddock), a salted and dried melanogrammus aeglefinus is also packed in 9 kg, 4 kg and 3,5 kg cartons. Ambassade is a very light coloured fish, very similar to codfish.

The Northern Fish range also includes other salted fish besides the mentioned makayabu and ambassade.  Sole (tusk or cusk) and Ling (ambassade – morue) are also common products you may encounter in many African regions.

Sole (tusk or cusk), a salted and dried brosme brosme, is packed in 9 kg , 4 kg and 3,5 kg cartons. However the dried salted Ling Molva molva, due to its very large size is packed in 25 kg cartons.
Northern Fish

Our production facility is located near the fishing grounds. We produce only with fresh fish, and our secret is simple and based on three ingredients: fresh fish, salt and ancient salting techniques.

Exotic food: Dry Salted Saithe a Caribbean tradition

For Caribbean communities all over the world we also offer dry salted saithe butterfly split. Dry salted ling is also available.
Exotic SeafoodOur product range also includes several options of cut to size trays, dry salted saithe,  tusk and ling can be very good options.

Northern Fish has a pallet delivery order service in Europe. Quick and easy door-to-door refrigerated transport.

Product availability is also a challenge, fishing season and demand are far apart, Northern Fishs’ inventory management and service achieved many improvements with great benefits to clients and consumers.
Our exotic food selection is produced at our plants based in Northern Norway, we have a distribution point in Portugal from which we dispatch our products to Europe and Worldwide.

For further information you can visit our exotic and ethnic food section, where you’ll find some ethnic food products.

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