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We are proud to announce that we have as of February MSC codfish, haddock, saithe, tusk and other species to offer. Our Norwegian factory T-82 Skjervøy Fisk og Skalldyr AS, is a MSC certified organization as of February 2015.

We can now offer directly from our production unit in Northern Norway, MSC codfish, haddock and other species. We call upon ourselves to guide our actions in a sustainable and responsible way. For our clients and consumers, we can now present proof to our past claims of quality and sustainability.  Daily all our efforts to select the best seafood to process and trade, we take into account global concerns in Ocean sustainability.

Although in many countries MSC certification is not currently valued, gradually things are changing, and we are changing. The global concern will in time be a normal practice by all producers worldwide.

Our fish is 100% wild caught, therefore it’s our responsibility to participate actively in the preservation of it’s sustainability, the MSC certification is voluntary, however it reflects that what we do today respects the guidelines of best practices. We have been on this track for many years now.MSC Haddock

Due to our HACCP certification, traceability has been guaranteed long ago. Hopefully our effort will continue to be valued by the market and by our clients. On our day to day activity, we guide ourselves choosing the best sustainable solutions and provide excellent quality selected seafood, based on 100% wild catch.

Working towards sustainability means working for a better future, protecting jobs, securing future fish stocks and protecting marine environment. The MSC certification rewards and recognizes well managed seafood organizations and we are proud to promote and be part of this reality.

Why buy MSC codfish ?

Many markets are gradually gaining awareness regarding global issues. Hopefully our  wet salted codfish, haddock and saithe, in time people will automatically recognize that these products are worthy and sustainable. We expect that the demand for MSC codfish will grow in the near future. Our current offer of MSC codfish, is an important step in adapting to change, we feel this is highly important for the future of the seafood industry.

Eco labels for our MSC codfish are available for direct sales from our T-82 factory, being fresh or wetsalted. Also MSC haddock and other species is available for delivery. For more information please contact us at Northern Fish Iberia. Thank you.


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