Northern Fish Bacalhau

We are proud to announce our new image/logo for our Northern Fish products. Being our Northern Fish Bacalhau our major product, Northern Fish is much more than Bacalhau, we specialize in saltfish from Norway, we have a wide range of salted fish products to offer.

Northern Fish Bacalhau

Our main salted fish products are:

Bacalhau, a unique salted codfish, gadus morhua

Saithe | Makayabu | Pollachius virens

Tusk | Cusk |Brosme |Brosme brosme

Haddock | Ambassade | Melanogrammus aeglefinus

Ling | Molva molva

Our warehouse in Gafanha da Nazaré is equipped with coldrooms for warehousing our saltfish, where we distribute to Europe and Worldwide clients, always supported by our processing facilities in Northern Norway, that produce the finest Norwegian saltfish. Northern Fish Bacalhau and other Northern Saltfish is produced from fresh Norwegian fish, the cold arctic waters guarantee the highest quality of our raw-material. Our processing facilities are adequately located to obtain direct delivery from fishing boats of the finest fresh fish available.

Currently we work with two brands, the renovated Northern Fish brand, which includes all saltfish species and our Dom Bacalhau, dedicated to traditional Portuguese Bacalhau.

At Northern Fish we go beyond producing Northern Fish Bacalhau! Quality and freshness directly from Norway.

Our Northern Fish saltfish products are produced with technologically advanced equipment applied to the cleaning and cutting of the fish, and with ancient handmade techniques in the salting and cure of the fish. Our products are truly made from high quality fresh Norwegian fish.

We will have a new carton box design for the Northern Fish brand. In the following months we will be distributing with our Northern Fish brand several types of fish in the European and African market. We hope to obtain from the market the same recognition we have had so far from our traditional Northern Fish Bacalhau clients.

For additional information on our Northern Fish saltfish products please read through our listed information on our website, or send us and email to

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