Portuguese Bacalhau: White Wing

Portuguese Bacalhau, the traditional Portuguese Cod Fish

The Portuguese bacalhau is seen as a premium product worldwide, the traditional Portuguese cod fish can be produced in several ways, but a white wing bacalhau is wothout a doubt the most distinct salted codfish. This White Wing Portuguese bacalhau represents the finest know-how applied to salted fish producing. Northern Fish offers the finest Portuguese bacalhau in a white wing format, a dried salted codfish produced from fresh Norwegian cod, captured in Northern Norway, in the freezing water of the North Atlantic Ocean.
Due to the location of our factories, our fish has a very white texture, the deep and extremely cold Ocean water insures a perfect codfish. Therefore we apply traditional Portuguese know-how to ensure the most delicous and tasty products. The Portuguese bacalhau is amongst the finest food you will eat, and only with ancient traditional production methods are we able to produce the genuine white wing Portuguese bacalhau.
Our secret is based on two 100% natural products given to us by mother nature, pure white salt and an excelente Norwegian Gadus morhua fish. The fish itself requires a great origin and the most well assured fishing methods, to guarantee sustainability and quality.

From Norway, but with hand made Portuguese Tradition!

Dry Salted Codfish

portuguese bacalhau

White Wing
7/8 cure
Available in several sizes:
16/20; 13/15; 10/12; 7/9; 4/6
Cartons available:
10 kg; 15 kg; 25 kg
Capture Zone FAO 27
Norwegian Origin
Produced from fresh Norwegian Codfish
Species: Gadus morhua

More about our Portuguese Bacalhau

Only from our finest fish we process our white wing Portuguese bacalhau. Captured in Norway, with true quality, our premium white wing dry salted codfish is a delicous pleasure to have at anyones Christmas eve dinner. The genuine salted codfish, brings all the quality from it’s origin, processed with tradition and knowledge, making it a true Portuguese bacalhau.
Our true saltfish cod is made from gadus morhua, and is cured according to traditional methods, hand made with a very slow process to insure that our Portuguese bacalhau is amongst the most delicous saltfish in the world!
Our standard dryness is 7/8 cure, however we offer other options according to clients requirements. We adapt to your requirements, Northern Fish Iberia unlike most producers, big or small everyone matters to us. Producing specific products is always possible, if it is in our reach we do comply.