Saithe salted and dried | Makayabu fish

Saithe salted and dried can be supplied with backbone in or butterfly split also known as back bone out

Saithe salted and dried is consumed in several parts of the world, however you may encounter this fish split in two different ways. The traditional butterfly split (also known as back bone out), or with the back bone in.
The back bone out saltfish, undergoes a mechanical extracting procedure before salting. Where two thirds of the back bone is removed. Especially relevant because it produces a very fine quality fish, well cut and with a good clean look, just like salted cod. This type of cut is appreciated in Brazil and the Caribbean, especially the bigger sizes 3/6, 7/9, 10/12 and 13/15.

Makayabu fish is an African style salt fish

The dry salted saithe with back bone in, known in many African countries as makayabu fish. The makayabu fish is split in a special way, where the entire back bone is included in the fish. It is basically cut down the middle with blades before salting. Therefore you will notice that the back bone has been split and easily noticed on the fish surface. Due to this typical cut, it is a more economic fish, as processing is simple and made with multi-blade machines that process many tons per hour. This saltfish is sold to International markets that require economic good quality nutritious protein. The typical size for this type of fish is a 25-40cm, 31/70 and 21/30.

Dry Salted Saithe (makayabu) with back bone

Makayabu (Colin

Saithe (Makayabu) 21/30

Standard Sizes: 25 to 40 cm; 31/70; 21/30

Available: 3.0 kg, 3.2 kg, 3.5kg, 4 kg, 8 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 25 kg cartons

Capture Zone FAO 27 Norwegian Origin

Produced from fresh Norwegian Saithe

Species: Pollachius virens

Dry Salted Saithe Butterfly Split

Saithe  7/12 butterfly split

Standard Size: 13/15; 10/12; 7/9; 3/6
Available: 10 kg; 15 kg and 25 kg cartons
Capture Zone FAO 27
Norwegian Origin
Produced from fresh Norwegian Saithe
Species: Pollachius virens

More Information

All raw material used for the production of both back bone out and butterfly split are from fresh quality Norwegian saithe. Well dried or as some mention “hard cure” due to the climate where it is usually consumed. Packing is done according to clients specifications, other packing solutions are available upon request. Pallet orders are accepted for European destinations. Container loads for other worldwide customers. Also available special packing options, several size carton packing and if required tray packed cut to size products. Cutlets are made to order, therefore several sizes available from 200g to 500g.