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Salt Fish made from haddock, a backbone dry salted haddock

Furthermore our salt fish range includes Haddock, a very appreciated fish, small in size and very white in colour. It’s scientific name is melanogramus aeglefinus, however in Africa it is often called Ambassade. The backbone feature is a common type of splitting for several species of small white fish. A unique feature, which makes the fish very economic. Therefore markets that require quality products at reasonable prices may focus on these specific salt fish species. Backbone in split fish are only available for small haddock and small saithe species. All other species are butterfly split with the extraction of 2/3 of the back bone. The backbone salt fish haddock is normally packed in 9 kg boxes. Especially relevant is that many other packing options for this product are available.

Freshness and Origin

As all products offered, salt fish haddock is also produced from genuine fresh Norwegian fish. Split and salted close to the fishing areas in northern Norway. The salting and maturing stages are similar to the ones applied to our premium fish, therefore giving a special and traditional flavour. The drying on the other hand is more extensive, making these products more resistant to warmer climates, giving them a long lasting shelf life.

Dried Salted Haddock Back Bone In

Standard Size: 25 to 40 cm 21/30 Available: 3kg, 3.2kg, 3.5kg, 4kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 25 kg cartons Capture Zone FAO 27 Norwegian Origin Produced from fresh Norwegian haddock Species: Melanogrammus aeglefinus

About our Dried Salt Fish Haddock

Made from premium quality fresh Norwegian haddock, salted and dried according to product and market requirements. Northern Fishs’ fine salt fish haddock is sold to many countries throughout the world. For European markets pallet orders are easy to ship, for International overseas markets, container loads are more efficient due to high transport costs. We can ship out directly from Norway or from our warehouse in Portugal. We have white brand boxing if you require.