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Salted fish made from fresh Tusk, very well dried

Northern Fish presents it’s salted fish Tusk, a very white fish, easy to distinguish from the other types of salt fish. It’s scientific name is Brosme brosme and it can also be called Cusk. Dry salted Tusk is butterfly split like normal codfish, therefore extracting 2/3 of the back bone, so it is a typical back bone out (bbo) product.

Genuine fresh Norwegian fish makes the best salted tusk. Therefore Northern Fish processes in northern Norway all year round, lose to the fishing ground. Like codfish, brine and salting of tusk is similar, always essential to produce quality salted fish. To give the salted fish a very protective and long lasting shelf life, salting and drying is done to great extent.

Dried and Salted Tusk Back Bone Out

Standard Size: 25 to 40 cm

Available: 3kg, 3.2kg, 3.5 kg, 4 kg, 9 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg and 25 kg cartons

Capture Zone FAO 27 Norwegian Origin

Produced from fresh Norwegian Tusk

Species: Brosme Brosme

Dried salted tusk cutlets is also available. Standard packaging includes 300g and 500g tray packaging. Further information can be found by following saltfish cutlets.

Dry Salted Tusk 21/30

About our Dried and Salted Tusk

All raw material used in the production of this salted fish is fresh and of Norwegian origin, processed at our processing plants in Northern Norway. Old ancient production methods are still applied to insure that traditional taste.

Salt fish a delicious part of tradition!

Modern technology is applied to split and clean the fish, after which, the old ancient salting methods are used to cure the salt fish. After slowly staging in salt, the salted fish tusk, is then dried.

When you open a Northern Fish box of dried salted Tusk, you will see a very high quality product, that has a very tasty and delicious flesh. As all salted fish, desalting is essencial to insure a correct use of these products. Dried salted Tusk requires desalting in cold fresh water before cooking. Exchanging the fresh water is most important to desalt them quickly. You can find additional information on our website about desalting salted fish.