Stockfisch from Norway

Stockfisch production method is one of the oldest food preservation methods known to man. Because of the bacterial action, the fresh fish is placed in racks near the shore lines. Stockfish is a Norwegian product, as a result of its special climate conditions. The Lofoten area is most famous for its stockfish, due to the windy and cold weather, it’s the ideal place to dry fish.

A stockfisch can lose up to 70% of its original weight!

Although stockfish may lose up to 70% of its original weight, all nutrients are concentrated in the fish meat. It’s dried out in the open, during the winter months. Fresh fish is placed on racks to be naturally dried by the cold . These racks are wood frames placed near the sea shore. The constant cold wind and weather slowly cures the meat, drying the fish. This takes several months. The fish is afterwards placed in drying tunnels to terminate the drying.

Stockfish Northern NorwayHowever it is often we find a few producers of Apama stockfish. With the evolution in technology, artificially dried stockfish has become more and more common in the market. Naturally dried fish is easy to distinguish, the lighter colour is due to its exposition to natural sunlight. The artificially dried stockfish tends to be slightly darker in shade.

Did you know: for each kilo of stockfish we need to dry 4 kilos of fresh fish!

Sometimes it is difficult to many to understand why stockfish is so expensive. In truth, to produce one kilo of stockfish we require 4 kilos of fresh fish.

As of July 2016, Northern Fish has added stockfish to its product range. In addition please note the products available for immediate shipping are:

  • A) Stockfish Codfish Heads
  • B) Stockfish Codfish
  • C) Stockfish Tusk
  • D) Stockfish Codfish Wings
  • E) Stockfish Tusk Cutlets

Other products and special packing may be available, please confirm with our offices. Regarding the stockfish species we have chosen to stock locally codfish and tusk (considered the queen of stockfish) , however saithe and tusk are also available subject to lead time delivery.

Stockfish packing

Stockfish Industrial packing

Stockfisch is packed in jute bags and sold by the bale directly from Norway. At Northern Fish we offer special packing solutions adequate to our customer’s needs. 3 kg cartons or special small packs are available.



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