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 Where to buy salt cod ? Salt cod is easy to buy in some countries, as it’s a very traditional food product and therefore is basically found in every supermarket. However, in many countries, due to it’s very specific cultural relationship, it may not be so easy to find.

Anyway I hope that after you read this post, you will easily know where to buy salt cod. The first is to look in your local supermarket in the seafood section or fresh fish section, whole salt cod is normally exhibited in this area.

If you do try your local supermarket and you can’t find salt cod, try to visit a local Portuguese grocery, where you can buy salt cod, at least most Portuguese grocery stores around the world will have salt cod. And if they don’t have salt cod, you can always ask them where to buy salt cod, every Portuguese will give you a sure indication of the easiest and closest way to obtain salted cod.where to buy salt cod

Anyway if after this you still have problems figuring out where to buy, you can always send us an email, we have clients worldwide. Or try Spanish, Italian, Greek, French or Brazilian grocery stores. These are the cultures that consume the most salt cod in the world, therefore they will surely have salt cod available in their ethnic and exotic grocery stores.

It might be more difficult for you to find deep frozen desalted cod, where can you find this type of cod? As before try the Portuguese ethnic grocery store. You can also, just send us an email, we can help.

Remember the best place to find any ethnic food is at local ethnic grocery shops, if you have problems acquiring them close to your home, you can always buy online. The world wide web has become a great place where to buy salt cod or any other type of ethnic or exotic food.

Where to buy salt cod ? Try Portugal, we produce one of the best cured salt cod in the world, hand made with the finest Norwegian fresh cod. If you are looking for bulk large quantities, we ship through Europe pallet orders to several clients. If you are a consumer, we have distributers and retailers all over the world selling our salt cod and other ethnic salt fish. Feel free to drop us an email, it would be our pleasure to help you on your quest for salt cod or other salt fish.


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