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Stockfisch from Norway

Stockfisch production method is one of the oldest food preservation methods known to man. Because of the bacterial action, the fresh fish is placed in racks near the shore lines. Stockfish is a Norwegian product, as a result of its special climate conditions. The Lofoten area is most famous for its stockfish, due to the windy and […]

Salted Ling 1

  Salted ling is one of our major products for ethnic and exotic markets. A very white flesh fish, from the cod family, physically it is a very long and slender fish. Salted ling can in several languages or cultures be named differently, for example in french speaking countries it is known as Julienne, in […]

Salted Ling

Dry Salted Tusk

Dry salted tusk – whole tusk or tusk cutlets

Dry salted tusk is many times found to be using different names. It’s scientific name is brosme brosme, but isa also call cusk, sole or brosme. All these names refer to the same fish. In some French speaking countries dry salted tusk is referred to as sole, a very appreciated salted and dried fish in many African […]

Ambassade fish | Dry Salted Haddock

This weeks focus is on our dried salted ambassade fish, a dry salted haddock, usually small size, split with back bone in. Melanogrammus aeglefinus is the scientific name for this whitefish, which has a mild light taste very similar to codfish. In some African countries this fish is commonly called ambassade. A premium saltfish for the […]

Ambassade fish

Makayabu (Colin

Makayabu Ethnic and Exotic Seafood 2

Our featured product this week is Makayabu! Makayabu is an African word for dried and salted saithe. The scientific name for this fish is Pollachius virens. We salted and dried saithe in two ways. We butterfly split and the we split with the back bone in. The saithe which is split with the back bone in is […]

Dried Fish

Dried Fish | Drying Fish Facts 1

Northern Fish presents salted and dried fish made from the finest Norwegian whitefish. Our product range includes several species, being our salted cod our flagship product due to the traditional European markets in which we operate. However in the last few years we have started to supply other types of salted and dried for African […]

Wet Salted Codfish

The season is just beginning we will have in the following weeks plenty of wet salted codfish to supply. The high quality of our Northern fish wet salted codfish is insured by our selection of the best fresh Fish available. The location of our main processing plant is important to obtain good quality raw material […]

Wet Salted Codfish

Exotic Food

Exotic Food | Ethnic Food 1

Demand for ethnic and exotic food is growing, specialized supermarket business is booming. The growing European  African and Caribbean communities crave for the taste of home. Saltfish  has a cultural connection to several International communities from Africa to the Caribbeans, as well as many European countries. Since 2014, Northern Fish, has selected a growing number […]